Zexcoil @ Winter NAMM 2016: Anthony Stauffer's first taste of the new Z-Series Pickups

Here's Anthony from Texas Blues Alley experiencing the new Z-Series™ pickups for the first time. You miss the part when he first picked them up and his eyebrows raised a couple of times. This is about a minute later after he got the amp dialed in a bit.

"Yeah, they're good".

Zexcoil Demo on NuMuBu Gear Expo Live

This is our NuMuBu Gear Expo Live webcast from October 22, 2014 as it happened. Anthony plays, in order, his Grosh with an Underwound SV5 set (SV5/SV5U/SV5W), Scott's Tokai with an SV5+ set (SV5+/SV5/SV5O), his SRV Strat with a Texas Blues set (SV5+/SV2/SV5O), his Mex Strat with a Convertible Set and Scott's Mex Robert Cray Strat with a Signature Set. The Les Paul is Scott's R9 with a Juicy/Throaty combo.

Cleans are through a Princeton Reverb II and the dirt is through a Zinky Blue Velvet. No pedals were used.