Zexcoil Pickup Installation Instructions

We strongly recommend 500 kΩ audio taper volume and tone potentiometers (pots) for all of our Stratocaster style pickups. Most standard Strats have 250 kΩ controls, so you will likely have to change your pots to get the most out of our stuff. Most of our pickups will work well with standard 250 kΩ pots, especially the Telecaster bridge pickups – which are typically fine with standard controls, but 500 kΩ pots let them open up and show their full potential.

Consult our Wiring Diagrams for specifics.

As Strat®-style guitars vary in tone, so do they vary in dimensions. We’re pushing the envelope in a number of ways, and one of them is how much wire we can pack in around every string! We designed our pickups to utilize every bit of space that is available in a typical Strat® and we designed them to fit in a typical Fender® spec guitar without modification. Zexcoil® replacement pickups for Strat®-style guitars are taller and wider than conventional pickups, but they will fit fine in any standard 3/4” deep route (measured from the top surface of the body to the bottom of the route). About the only problem we have encountered thus far has been with a vintage 5/8” deep route coupled with an over-depth neck pocket, resulting in a reduced string height relative to the body. Zexcoils will also fit in most Strat®-style pickguards, but every once in a while we get a tight one. Probably 1 in 10 go in a bit tight and may need some finagling and 1 in 100 might require shaving off a bit of the pickup cut-out. Due to the variability in Stratocaster® and after-market guitar dimensions, obviously we can’t absolutely guarantee that our pickups will fit in any Strat type body or layout. If you purchase a set of our pickups and they don’t fit, we will give you a refund if you return the pickups in saleable condition within 30 days of purchase. You will not be reimbursed for any of the shipping and handling costs. Contact us first for a Return Authorization.

Zexcoil pickups can be height adjusted very close to the strings without causing wolf-tones or Stratitis. Generally, set the high e string to about 3/32” from the top of the cover and the low e string to about 5/32” at the bridge and about 1/8” at the neck and go from there, adjusting to taste. In many cases the middle and neck will be farther away from the strings compared to the bridge to maintain a good volume balance.

Black wires are ground and white are hot on Zexcoil Singles and Buckers. Wires are reversible to change polarity with respect to other types of pickups.