About Us


Zexcoil® pickups are manufactured and marketed by Lawing Musical Products, LLC. LMP was incorporated in 2010 by Scott and Claire Lawing.

We’ve spent the last 5 years or so developing our Legacy Series™ of pickups and learning a lot about pickup physics, design and the music industry. Born out of those learnings, in 2017 we launched our new Z-Series™ line of pickups. The Z-Series represent the distillation of everything we’ve learned about pickup design to date, a platform that’s more efficient and refined but still as toneful as anything we’ve ever made. Included in the Z-Series are a new line of Vintage Correct models, and the Z-Core 5 Series™: the most economical pickups we’ve ever offered, made for us in our US partner factory on the Z-Series platform. With this new direction we’ve expanded our product range while maintaining the same commitment to quality, service and support that our loyal customers have always enjoyed.

Dr. A. Scott Lawing is the inventor of Zexcoil pickup technology and the technical driving force behind LMP. Scott has been a guitar player for over 30 years. He is also an engineer with a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and numerous technical papers, patents and presentations to his credit. Recently, Scott has started applying his technical and creative energies to the business of musical instruments. The Zexcoil series of pickups is just the first result of this effort. LMP will endeavor to provide innovative solutions and quality products at fair prices where we see needs and opportunities in the musical instrument and accessory space.

Zexcoil® pickups are and will continue to be designed and assembled in the U.S.A. We are committed to supporting our local economy and sourcing as many of our parts as close to home as we can.

LMP maintains a strong commitment to quality. Dr. Lawing has almost two decades of experience in one of the most stringent manufacturing environments on the planet, cutting edge semiconductors. That depth of experience lies behind LMP’s approach to production and quality control.