Episode II of our series with Elliott Randall, part II of Elliott's personal history

Here's episode II of our series with Elliott Randall, part II of Elliott's personal history. This one jumps around a bit, but there are some wonderful stories about Steely Dan, Jimi Hendrix, John Belushi and The Blues Brothers, The Band, Eddie Kramer and more. Some great viewing.

In episode II of this series, Elliott elaborates on his career. While not as chronologically linear as Part I, there is a wealth of information in here to interest fans of not only guitar but rock music in general.

First Installment of Dr Lawing's extensive interview with Elliott Randall

In this episode, Elliott discusses his formative years on guitar and his early professional history including: The Druids of Stonehenge, Seatrain, Randall's Island and his first two solo albums, and his early recording with Steely Dan.

Dr. Lawing's visit with Elliott Randall - Episode I

Dr. Lawing had the opportunity last weekend to spend some time with Elliott Randall, Steely Dan's premier guitarist among many other things. In the coming weeks we'll be publishing a series of episodes featuring an extensive interview as well as demos of some of Elliott's guitars, including the famous #1.

In related news, we were also able to close the loop with Robbie Blunt, best known for his work on the first three Robert Plant albums, and we are planning (technology willing) to do a remote interview with him in the very near future.

This is Elliott Randall playing the opening bars of one of his most iconic guitar compositions on a Zexcoil Throaty Bucker.