The Zexcoil® Design:

One Coil Per String

In most conventional pickups the coil covers all six strings. Zexcoil pickups utilize an individual coil for each string. The coils are positioned to provide both discrete sensing and a consistent pickup pattern. This yields superior articulation and a smoothness of response that almost no other pickup has.

The coils are configured in two pairs of three. The high strings are one magnetic and winding polarity and the low strings are the opposite. Thus, hum is cancelled efficiently, with six working coils. Dummy coils, noise antennas and redundant shielding, all of which carry a tonal penalty, are not required.

In our new Z-Series, each individual coil also has its own magnet, whereas in the Legacy Series, there are only two – one for each pair of three coils. This magnetic decoupling gives the Z-Series an added measure of fidelity and efficiency over the Legacy Series, all other things being equal.

But basically Zexcoils are just magnets, metal and wire. The real trick is the fantastic engineering in how we put it all together.