Hybrid Convertible 5 Set™


Hybrid Convertible 5 Set™

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In This Set

  • Bridge: The Convertible for Bridge (BCH4)
  • Middle: Vintage Single 5 (SV5)
  • Neck: Vintage Single 5 Overwound (SV5O)

Recommended Kits

One Split

  • Kit #8: (1) CTS 500k push/pull pot, (1) CTS 500k audio taper pot, (1) 250k audio taper no load pot
  • Kit #8A: (1) CTS 500k push/pull pot, (1) CTS 500k audio taper no load pots, (1) 250k audio taper no load  pot


The Hybrid Convertible 5 Set combines the great split tone and powerful, clear normal tone of our Convertible with the versatile Strat® tones of our Texas 5 Set. Combine this set with a push pot to actuate the Silent Split and a blender pot for fantastic neck/bridge tones and you have a set with go to single coil and a unique humbucker tone in the bridge.

Z-Series Equivalent: Z-Series Hybrid Convertible Set™


Assembly Information

  • “Assembled Sets” are fully wired with pickups, controls, 5-way switch and capacitor and mounted on a cardboard template.
  • For Assembled and Loaded Pickguard Bucker sets (wired to controls), the default is to wire the switch(es) so that the split is on when the push/pull is up, normal mode down. If you wish to have it wired split down, please let us know by email.
  • The default for Push pots is the CTS push/pull. If you'd prefer to substitute push/push, let us know by email.

Please Note

  • Pickups may take 10-15 days before ready for shipment.
  • We have limited availability of left handed parts. Please contact us for left-handed loaded pickguards and assembled sets.
  • USPS First Class International Postage is not available for orders over $400 USD. Only USPS Priority International or Priority Express International are available over $400 USD.