Convertible Set™


Convertible Set™

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In This Set

  • Bridge: Convertible for Bridge (BCH4)
  • Middle: Vintage Single 5 Double Underwound (SV5W)
  • Neck: Convertible for Neck (BCM4)

Kit Recommendations

  • Kit# 5: (2) 500k Push/Pull pots, (1) 250k Bourns no load blend pot
  • Kit# 7: (2) 250k Push/Pull pots, (1) 250k Bourns no load blend pot


The Convertible Set is one of our versatile “jack of all trades” sets designed to do it all. With the Convertible Set you get great single-coil tones in the neck and middle in Silent Split mode, and a powerful AlNiCo on steroids tone in series mode. Choose the Convertible Set if versatility is important to you and if great single coil tones are your first priority. Combine the Convertible Set with one of our suggested wiring kits or purchase a wired set and get the full capability of up to 17 different pickup combinations.

* Notes:

  • For Assembled Convertible sets (wired to controls), the default is to wire the switch(es) so that the split (single coil mode) is on when the push/pull is down, normal mode up. If you wish to have it wired split up, please let us know by email.
  • The default for Push pots is the CTS push/pull. If you'd prefer to substitute push/push, let us know by email.
  • USPS First Class International Postage is not available for orders over $400 USD. Only USPS Priority International or Priority Express International are available over $400 USD.

Z-Series equivalent: Z-Series Convertible Set™