Choosing Pickups: Stratty with options

Emailed Question

My guitar is a G&L Legacy ... I want the ability to run it normal single coil for typical Strat like tones and a switch that makes it sound like a humbucker with more output than the single coil. If it helps any I don’t play super high gain metal. Mostly modern country, classic 70’s 80’s rock and current pop. As you may know the Legacy’s wiring is a bit different using a 250k, 500k and 1meg pot. I plan on modding it to a typical Strat set so I’m open to whatever value pots I may need to get.

Scott's Answer:

I think the Juicy Bucker is what you want. It's designed to sound like a humbucker, but the split mode is a very nice (and quiet) single coil tone.  It sounds best with 500k pots, but it still sounds pretty good with 250k (there are videos on our YouTube site). If you're going to mate it with conventional singles you could: 1) just go 250k 2) use a resistor to make the singles "see" 250k with a 500k volume pot 3) use a super switch to have more control on when the resistor is in the circuit You'll also need a dpdt switch (or push/pull or push/push pot) to actuate the split.