Z-core™ Pickups

Z-core™ Pickups

Z-Series™ Pickups

Z-Series™ Pickups

Legacy  ™ Series Pickups

Legacy™ Series Pickups

       Great Zexcoil tone at the best price                      A wide range of Custom Shop options                     The classic line of Zexcoil Pickups

Hum-Canceling Design

Hum? Forget about it. 

The Zexcoil design is much more efficient than traditional stacked noiseless pickups, providing hum cancelling with no loss of tone and without expensive, redundant and tone-sucking noise generators.

Tone Tuning Technology

Tone? You have to hear it to believe it.

The real secret to the tone is built in to our pickups. Tone Tuning Technology is a radical new approach to voicing pickups with a flexible library of novel and exotic pole piece materials.

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