Robbie Blunt


Rock guitarist, Robbie Blunt is best known for his work with Robert Plant during Plant’s early solo career (after he split with Jimmy Page) in the 1980s. After Led Zeppelin’s break up, Plant asked him to join his R&B pickup group, The Honeydrippers in 1981. He was considered key to Plant’s sound.

Blunt worked (before and after Plant) as a journeyman, session player or guest guitarist with a variety of bands and with numerous artists including, Julian Lennon, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Edie Brickell and Clannad to name a few. In the 1970s, Blunt was commonly sought for his guitar playing adroitness by such past bands as Bronco, Silverhead and Chicken Shack.

In 1982, Plant asked Blunt to join him in his first solo foray with, Pictures at Eleven. Blunt’s playing was said to be reminiscent of Page’s with blending of blues, Eastern influences and heavy riffing. Blunt’s contributions were far from over as he continued writing and playing on Plant’s solo breakthrough success, The Principle of Moments, 1983 (Top 10 album in the US and UK) along with its two MTV and radio hits, ‘Big Log’ and ‘In the Mood’.


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  • Bronco

    • 1970: Country Home

    • 1971: Ace Of Sunlight

  • Robert Plant

    • 1982: Pictures at Eleven

    • 1983: The Principle of Moments

    • 1985: Shaken 'n' Stirred

  • John Kilzer

    • 1991: Busman's Holiday