Nitebob Czaykowski

Sound Engineer for over 44 years, over 40 years of global touring with music, trade shows, film shoots, TV. Guitar technician, production manager, Tour manager.

Nitebob is the road manager/production coordinator for Walter Becker and Donald Fagen at Steely Dan and has worked with Ace Frehley, Lez Zeppelin, Paul Rodgers, Ian Hunter, New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, Silvertide, Rich Robinson, Jesse Malin, Alana Davis, Zebrahead, Silver Ginger 5, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, REM among others.

In His Own Words

"It’s an exceptional pickup. In the 40 plus years that I’ve been doing this, the voicing of the single coil style pickups is the best I’ve ever heard – and they don’t hum."