Z-Series Vintage Bucker Set™


Z-Series Vintage Bucker Set™

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In This Set

  • Bridge: Z-Series Bridge Bucker™ (ZHBJ)
  • Middle: Z-Core Modern 5™ (ZMD5)
  • Neck: : Z-Series Neck Bucker™ (ZHNT)

Recommended Controls Kits

Here's a look at some of the design philosophy and physics behind the new Z-Series Vintage Output Bridge and Neck Buckers.
  • Kit #1: (3) CTS 500k audio taper pots
  • Kit #1A: (2) CTS 500k audio taper pots, (1) 500k no load tone pot
  • Kit #2: (2) CTS 500k audio taper pots, (1) 250k Bourns no load blend pot
  • Kit #2A: (1) CTS 500k audio taper pot, (1) 500k no load tone pot, (1) 250k Bourns no load blend pot


The Z-Series Vintage Bucker Set is our version of a vintage output HSH configuration, with a beefed up middle pickup (our Z-Core Modern 5) to keep up with the Buckers while still providing plenty of clarity on its own and quack when teamed with the bridge or neck. Make sure and wire this with a blend knob, or custom switching) to enable the bridge/neck position. We’ve never heard a bridge/neck combo with conventional HBs that sounds this good. You can also use the blend knob as a quack adjust on the in between positions as you bring the third pickup in.

Controls Kit Assembly Information

  • Assembled sets are fully wired with controls, 5-way switch and capacitor mounted on a cardboard template.
  • They don’t include pickguards, knobs or a switch tip.
  • Sets are wired with Strat spacing. Please let us know if you have anything non-standard.

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