Z-Series Texas Blues Set™


Z-Series Texas Blues Set™

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In This Set

  • Bridge: Z-Series Overwound Fat 5™ (ZOWF)
  • Middle: Z-Series Overwound 2™ (ZOW2)
  • Neck: : Z-Core Overwound 5™ (ZOW5)

Recommended Controls Kits

  • Kit #1: (3) CTS 500k audio taper pots
  • Kit #1A: (2) CTS 500k audio taper pots, (1) 500k no load tone pot
  • Kit #2: (2) CTS 500k audio taper pots, (1) 250k Bourns no load blend pot
  • Kit #2A: (1) CTS 500k audio taper pot, (1) 500k no load tone pot, (1) 250k Bourns no load blend pot


This is the Z-Series version of our Legacy Series™ Texas Blues Set, named after Anthony Stauffer of Texas Blues Alley who came up with this brilliant mix of pickup voicings. With the Fat 5 voicing in the bridge, a 2 in the middle, and a high output 5 voice in the neck, this is a very versatile set with woody neck tones that have tons of body and punch, Fat Stratty bridge tones and loads of juicy quack. This set works best with 500 k controls.

Legacy Series equivalent: Texas Blues Set


Controls Kit Assembly Information

  • Assembled sets are fully wired with controls, 5-way switch and capacitor mounted on a cardboard template.
  • They don’t include pickguards, knobs or a switch tip.
  • Sets are wired with Strat spacing. Please let us know if you have anything non-standard.

Please note: