"Since learning about the Zexcoil line of pickups, I installed them in my Strat and Tele. I was very impressed with the tone, output and warmth that transformed the character of both those guitars. Needless to say, they both get a lot more play!"

Alex Lifeson  Guitarist for Rush 

"Strat #1 has had its first hardware change since the late '70s. It's a Zexcoil Guitar Pickups SV5O in the middle position. And what an addition to the tonality of my fave solid body! One word : WOW. Totally new and different voice to my fave guitar. You rock. How can one really describe "compelling new tone due to increased frequency response?”… an additional sparkle --- not treble, but an airiness that's hard to put into words, the SV5O is absolutely outta this world. It has a character like no other (and I have quite a few pickups). Totally magical, sounds amazing … Great work, Scott!”

Elliott Randall  Steely Dan’s premier guitarist and soloist on Reelin’ in the Years

"It’s an exceptional pickup. In the 40 plus years that I’ve been doing this, the voicing of the single coil style pickups is the best I’ve ever heard – and they don’t hum."

 - Nitebob Czaykowski, Sound engineer and road manager for Walter Becker and Donald Fagen at Steely Dan among many others.

"Just installed in them in my trusty 62 reissue. Flat out, the finest, clearest single-coils I've ever heard and played! Great job Zexcoil!!"

Marcus Henderson  Video Game Guitarist, New Media Composer and American Guitar Hero

"Love these pickups ... digging them more all the time. Thanks for the inspiration!"

Steve Kimock  Tone-ologist and guitar monk

"Well, the word is in: I like them a whole lot ! Very genuine Strat tones, but dead quiet ! It was honestly (initially) a weird change, since the Virtual Vintages are much warmer and less a traditional Strat tone that I had gotten used to over ten years of using them. These are certainly a more natural (think SRV or Jimmy Thackery), genuine classic strat tone, while the VV's tend to go more in a Gibson direction almost, and certainly no quack either....it meant alot that at the end of practice, the other guitarist, drummer, and bassist all said "man, really like them alot !". Good going Scott! ..."

"They are vintage with balls, and no noise...a very versatile setup that remains clean, punchy, and articulate at almost any gain level."

I have a set of Zexcoils ... and they kill....silent, clear bell like low strings (even when overdriven), nice punchy clarity, but vintage voiced and nice quack between positions ... not cheap, but worth it."

- Andy Fuchs,  Amp Manufacturer and Modifier/Musician/Engineer, Fuchs Audio Technology

"All the tone with none of the noise. Fuller and clearer sounding than custom shop '69 pickups that my guitar came with. No noise even with the amp cranked to ten. They are going to make the more quiet parts of tunes better because I won't be fighting single coil hum for volume, hence more dynamics. They sound ridiculously awesome!!! ... Your pickups are amazing. All the best qualities of a single coil minus the noise plus more tone [Vintage Single Set]".

- John Bendy  Jazz rock, punk jazz guitarist, with Bendy Pastorius Group andHipster Assassins

"They sound GREAT! I love the bridge pickup! And boy do positions 2 and 4 sound amazing! ... They really are great Scott.[Vintage Single 5 Set]".

Johnny Oskam  Blues guitar player

"The tone and quality is impeccable! Growing up around my father playing his 57 Tele, I grew a strong love for the Fender sound. I have always had a large collection of Fender Strats and although the tone was always super sweet, I knew something was missing but I didn't realize how much was missing.

I first heard of Zexcoil through Anthony Stauffer and after quite a bit of conversation, I called Dr. Scott Lawing to talk about some options for my Strat. He built me a set right away and once I heard the results after install, I was blown away! Not only is the tone incredible, crisp and clear, there was zero hum. Many songs I play require numerous effects and distortion. With conventional pickups, I would always have to turn the volume off between songs. With Zexcoils, I can leave my volume at 10 and am ready to go in an instant. This sure helps me concentrate on my music and not have to worry about any extra unnecessary noise.

And the tone...so incredible!! Nothing can compare to the sound and quality of Zexcoils. No other pickup will ever see the light of day on any of my Strats."

- Clint Walker, guitarist and singer with Colorado Floyd

"Ok, these things friggin' rock [Signature Set]. Worked them in this weekend and my soundman loved them out front ... Interestingly these Zexcoils are pretty gorgeous clean but also sound like the devil overdriven. Bridge pickup is as sweet as hell. Use the "tele-ish" switching options a decent bit as well (nice!). If you use noiseless singles this stuff is very much worth a big look and is absolutely right up there at the top of the food chain. Scott's pickups are dynamic which is one of the things I feel you really sacrifice on with noiseless designs in general ... These pickups are interesting in that the quack positions don't seem to get duller. Also, that middle pickup has quite a woody sound"

Brian Alex  , Guitar player and composer

"As a session musician, I need a multitude of tones at any given moment. Scott recommended a Hybrid Convertible set and I couldn't be happier. Not only do I have that single coil spank without hum, but my clean tones are fat without a compressor and my big lead tones are HUGE thanks to the Convertible in the bridge. Unless I'm playing straight ahead jazz or death metal, Zexcoil pickups make most of my gigs a "one axe" endeavor. Best "single coil" pickups I've ever played."

- Marc Davis, Session guitarist and Director of Guitar at Durham School of the Arts in Durham, NC.

"I installed your pickups. They are wonderful!! Finally I find my pickups!! I installed the SV 5, the SV2 and the Juicy Bucker. I keep my original 250 pots, and loved the sound so much that is being hard to take them off to try out the Throaty Bucker with 500 pots. I don't know if I'm the first and only one using your pickups here in Brazil, but I'm sure that soon they will be the desire of a lot of guitar players here. Congratulations and thanks for creating those amazing products!!! "

- João Castilho  , Guitarist and composer

"OK - the Zexxoils are amazing - whisper quiet. The frequency response is perfect - the bridge is the perfect blend of humbucker honk and single coil zing and bottom end. Position 2 & 4 are as good as most setups like this. And the neck is to die for. Really, really impressed. You'll see when the video is edited. The concept is brilliant - each string having it's own coil. Bends are fluid and connected sustain, because the magnetic field follows the amplitude of string movement by the placement of the coils. Stoked!"

Rex Paul Schnelle  , Guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, writer and composer

"I've been dealing with hum for years now and largely it's been tolerable, but as I've tried to add more gain, you know what happens... A good buddy of mine, Anthony Stauffer of Steviesnacks.com told me about your pickups, I picked up a single neck pickup, a Vintage Single 5 for one of my Strats. I've had this guitar recently outfitted with some ["Other"] pickups and while they are quiet, I just didn't like the way they sounded; just not making me happy, and it's not Stratty enough, if you know what I mean. So I tried your new pickup and got it installed tonight. I'm sold. This is it. It sounds exactly like it should, and is silent. Consider me converted ... I am very impressed by what you've done here and would love to have these pickups in more of my guitars. "

Marc Schonbrun  , educator, writer, and performer in the San Francisco Bay Area

"Man, that's a good-sounding combo! The bridge (Juicy Bucker) rages, sounding like a big full-size humbucker (not like an overwound hot-rails type), great for metal and hard rock. It has the sound of a bigger pickup, as opposed to the "hot but narrow" overwound hot-rails pickup type thing. The "hot juicy" really fills a unique niche, sounding like a full-size bridge humbucker, especially with "metal" gain. It's not quite as loud as, say, a dimarzio fast track II, but it has the sound of a bigger pickup. It's interesting that it has basically no string pull at all. The neck (Throaty Bucker) was a nice blend of fat but bluesy and clear, very much following your description of "mostly bucker, but with a bit of strat".

- Walter Wright, guitar tech at Alpha Music in VA Beach and resident technical guru on TheGearPage

“a true innovation in the arena of tone. I was truly impressed with your pickups and look forward to incorporating them into future designs”

- Rick Maguire, Luthier, Maguire Guitars

"I'm sold!. these things rock! Plus they have solved an issue the Backlunds have had since day 1. Our steep neck pickup angle in our 100s would never allow us to use a normal sized coil in the neck p'up slot. but the zexcoil works perfectly and its a normal strat size! ... and that the Juicy bucker is my new fav pickup!"

- Bruce Bennett, Master Luthier, J Backlund Design

"These pickups are STUPID good. Loving them. ... Love love love. Want these in all my guitar designs. And in my personal guitars. Scott: Well done, sir. Well done ... Took them through a gig, two rehearsals, and put them through several different amps at the music store I teach at. Also got them in the hands of several local players. People (myself included!) had nothing but great things to say about them. I honestly couldn't get a bad sound out of them. Dead quiet, noise-wise"

- Rich Chaffins, Guitarist/Music Director/Luthier , Agape Guitars

Fat Vintage Set: "Strattiest, hands down ... Quiet and clear, all pups sound great alone, or in position 2 and 4 sounds, just an AMAZING middle-only sound. Super quiet, and nicely thick thru the mids, unlike most Strat pups. What was interesting was I didn't feel like I needed a thicker tone in the bridge after hearing the Fat Vintage set bridge position. It's that good. It's so obvious in retrospect that we have been putting buckers in our Strats just because no-one had figured out how to get good midrange out of a single-coil platform..." Sig Set: "Those bucker sounds are legit! Much cooler than any stacked or rails designs that purport to give up the bucker tone ... At times I felt like the Zex's were doing a very good "imitation" of Strat pups, and at other times I felt like they had their own sound altogether. They are definitely not just "replacements."...for those of us that just love playing Strats but hate the noise and the icepick, these are a huge step forward. I personally am thinking of using one or another of the Zex's as a middle pickup in any number of upcoming builds. The Fat Vintage middle pickup was just unreal sounding, especially in what is often the least-useable position on a Strat."

- Chris Mulhauser, Guitarist with Aphrodesia and Luthier

“I found myself overwhelmed by the Creamy and rich tones that I was hearing ... Zero ice-pick in any position and the "Quack" in the notch positions sounded like a flock of mallards on steroids! Sort of a "velvety" quality overall, very pleasing ... The neck pup sounded a little like the finest old PAF mixed with the finest Strat pup, like an expensive P-90 sort of. The middle had a woodiness and honk that surprised me, full of personality yet unique in a very refreshing way, sort of a "vocal" quality to it. The bridge is possibly the first Strat bridge pup that I would actually use by itself, sounds perfect overdriven and the right amount of low end content. What keeps coming to mind is: I may have finally experienced THE PERFECT Strat pickups [Fat Vintage Set]; well at least for ME anyway..And the lack of single coil hum isn't really that big of a deal to me (but a very nice feature none the less), it is really the TONE that matters most ... And the harmonics I hear from these are unmatched as well as the sustain/bloom of the notes. I plan on using these as stock pickups in my Armstrong Guitars with Single coils... I am just too picky to use anything but the best.”

- Bill Compeau, artist relations, guitarist/bassist/ vocalist/songwriter, Armstrong Amps

Email title: “Well outside the ‘Honeymoon’ period”

"I thought I'd take the time and write you guys quickly about your pickups. I use a JuicyBucker bridge, SV2 middle and SV5 neck on my 97 Strat Deluxe. When I first got the guitar and started modding it to what I wanted, I went through 2 x Dimarzio's, 1 x Bareknuckle, 2 x Suhr and 2 x Duncan's before finally settling on the Zexcoil combination. I normally potter around with pickups but the Juicy, SV2, SV5 combo has been in the guitar unchanged for 4-5 years now and I've never thought of changing them. I've modified wiring, put a Schaller E Type switch in so that the middle position is Bridge/Neck and swapped out the 500k pots for 250k 'cos I liked them more but not one thought of changing the pups themselves. It's a long way of saying that I love these pickups and thanks for making them. I always get comments on how amazing the guitar sounds and how noise free it is when I play at Church or youth rallies etc. I've never kept a set of pickups in a guitar this long before, it's uncharted territory.  :) Might order a Throaty Bucker ...  or not, the SV5 is just part of my sound. Love your work, can not recommend it highly enough!!!!!!!!!!!!”

- Judd, guitar player

"I have used a lot of hum canceling single coil sized pickups live over the years- S.Duncan, DiMarzio, Evans, Kinman, Fender Noiseless, J.Barden... and all of them were a disappointing compromise that delivered less hum at the expense of never satisfied my love of Stratocaster single coil sound! One exception is adding the hum canceling back plate system to single coil Strats but that still has it's own limitations. Now that I have been using your Zexcoil set, this has changed! Quieter with IMHO better (not different like J.Barden S Deluxe) real Stratocaster single coil sound (SV5,SV2) not to mention the closest thing to putting a traditional PAF humbucker in your bridge sound of the Zexcoil Juicy Bucker that lets me leave the SG at home. Whether I'm using my tube amp and analog pedals or playing classic rock full range using my AXE FX 2, I prefer the Zexcoil pickups even to my Don Mare pickups with hum canceling backplate system. Who would of thought! Thanks Scott! You have developed the top pickups for the gigging Strat player. "

- Jack Burrus, guitar player

"Still feeling like I’m in the honeymoon phase with these pups 3 years after purchasing them. It’s especially noticeable how awesome they are when I’m playing next to another person with a strat. The most impressive thing about em is I’ve never heard a set of pups quack like these. These pups are the undisputed kings of quack. No doubt."

 - Sam Ficarra, guitar player

"Just got a set, put it in my PRS EG III and they are not coming out. Ever (well, unless I replace the slightly damaged pickguard or upgrade the switch). They do not sound like a single coil sized humbucker. They sound like an awesome humbucker. The fat single can have a p90ish vibe to it pending certain settings. I like that. It is an amazing pickup set."

- Caleb Webb, guitar player

“I used the pickup [Fat Single Special] in my strat last night and it sounded great. I usually ... have the strat as a back up but, I liked the sound so much I used it most of the night. I usually find that strat bridge pickups sound too harsh with my Marshall but, the balance was just right - aggressive, stratty (is that a word) and darker all at the same time. I need to get some more of these from you ...”

- Chuck Kuzminski, CKuz Guitars, LLC

"Just wanted to say thanks. The Texas blues set is amazing. I get asked all the time. Dude what kind of pickups are those? Congrats on a great product."

- Chad Langley, guitar player

"I got the pickups [Z-Series Texas Blues Set] yesterday, and I put them in this morning. This is amazing. No noise, but the tone is great. I’m a computer programmer so my music stuff is next to my computers, and all other pickups got TERRIBLE noise from the computers… but not yours. These things are incredible. Thank you so much for the good work."

- Steve Zimmerman, guitar player

"...Scott has something really special here in my opinion. One of my favorite qualities is the lack of string pull . You can get these up close if you want and don't have to worry about warble. I haven't tried every hum canceling pickup out there but these have to be at the top of the list . I played my Strat with the Zexcoil Fat Vintage at a gig Saturday. I use in-ear monitors . I was really happy with my Strat tones. With the in-ears I could hear the clarity of these pickups . By that I don't mean brightness. Each string seemed to have more definition. I could really tell when I played chords either clean or distorted. I used every position with high gain and didn't worry about noise ... Great job Scott !"

- Russ Reiser, guitar player

"I can't believe this pickup! It is exactly what I was looking for. Doing the covers thing, I have to get a lot of different sounds, and I don't have time to change guitars from song to song. The Juicybucker has made my Strat the versatile killing machine I need it to be. I can switch to the bridge and go full out Classic and Hard Rock, then pull out the tone knob and hop right into Country chicken pickin'. I'm very impressed with the silent single-coil sound. I finally have a bridge single-coil with sweetness to it. But the P.A.F. tone I'm getting is unbelievable. If your pickup hadn't worked for me, I was going to rout my guitar for a full-sized bucker. Man, am I happy I don't have to do that! The Juicybucker is a keeper. If the hum from my two traditional single-coils ends up getting to me, I won't even consider another brand of noiseless pickup. I'll be heading straight to you. Thanks! "

- Joseph Baumgartel, guitar player

"The pick ups kick a$$. I'm very pleased with them. People ask what I'm using pick up wise when they hear me play and I tell them Zexcoil. The clean tone is great. When I kick in the distortion all I can say is wow, as soon as I can afford it I'll put a set of these in a back up guitar"

- Paul Y, (winner of the Zexcoil Signature Set from the Premier Guitar Pickup Party in June, 2011)

"... I'm completely stoked with these pickups. What once was an icepick of a guitar is now perfectly balanced and amazing…. not to mention completely quiet. These pickups are a perfect blend of science and art."

- Jeremy O., guitar player

"I've had a week or so to get to know the SV5O and SV5 you guys sent me and have done some recording at home with them, jammed them a couple of times and put them through their paces. Yeah, they're noiseless which is mandatory for me and they absolutely deliver on the no hum front. BUT... Forget the no hum factor. I'm totally blown away. These are the best sounding pickups I've ever played. I'm no professional muso or anything but I've been playing for 25 years in bands, bits of studio stuff when I was younger and I am one of those players for whom tone is everything... NOTHING IVE HAD IN MY 99 American std strat has EVER sounded this good.

- Anonymous, guitar player

"I am LOVING these pickups so far. The sounds I am getting are truly wonderful no matter what tube amp I've played them on ... I can't believe how sweet the sound is on many of the combinations. I am also really pleased that the neck pickup even with full gain is as quiet as my humbucker. If I get my way with buying this Strat I have my eye on I will be ordering another set ... Another note everyone that has seen the pickups say... "what are those, they look great" then when they heard it :) well that is another whole story."

- Paul S., guitar player

"Installed and fired up the new set this weekend. The TONE is back! These two have all the sparkle of real single coils. I can now sit on my modeller with headphones and get lost in the sound - no need to crank tubes to get the sparkle. The new SV5 is a winner. And the SV2 does a great middle without too much thinning out of the tone as happens with brighter pickups. ... And for drive, the Juicy Bucker reigns in the highs and powers out the mids - just like a good full sized humbucker should. "

- Jeremy Nysen, guitar player

"Well damn, what a huge palette of tones from this thing!! ... I like what I hear. A lot! Dead silent too ... I played my ass off for an hour or so and then ran out of time but I can tell that there's a great world of tones I've got now!"

[Later:] "Oh man.... :>0 I don't know if I've ever been so happy with my sounds!! And that's in 53 yrs of playing! I ran through everything from clean neck 'Round Midnight to bridge and thoroughly juicy overdriven Get Over It. I've had a Sig set on my strat for a week or so and cannot stop playing. These pups are the schnitzells!!"

Jon Sterngold, guitar player

"I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE your pickup [Juicy Bucker]! I put it in my Deluxe Strat in the Bridge position, and that thing sounds amazing!! My friend says it sounds like a different guitar! I am so impressed with it I will definitely be ordering more soon! I am so glad that someone showed me your site! "

- Brandan Isaacs , guitar player

"Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the great customer service and the great product you produce. I am a devoted student of Anthony Stauffer's StevieSnacks.com, and after hearing his endorsement of your product I just new it would be a good decision. Sure enough it was. The noise reduction is incredible and there's no loss of tone. The noise reduction is so good now I'm finding it so quiet that I sometimes forget to turn off my amp! "

- John McKenna , guitar player

"I appreciate the discount offer very much but politely decline as I want to do everything I can to support your business as you're starting up. You have great products! I must have tried virtually every "boutique" single coil pickup out there, and yours more than anyone else's are giving me the tones I've been hearing in my head. The noiseless feature is an added benefit (and a massive one at that) but I wouldn't sacrifice tone for it. "

- David Gordon , guitar player

"It is so cool to get such a ground breaking product, kudos to Scott for his innovation and passion to make this happen. I think I will be the envy of all my peers up here in Edmonton Alberta Canada !!! :+)"

- Harley Miller, guitar player

"I love the pick ups just the sound i was looking for. The no hum is a bonus."

- Pat Williams, guitar player

"Hi Scott just wanted to tell you how much I like these pickups, they were exactly what I was looking for, I will put something up on the gear page and hope to shoot a vid in the future. Regardless of them being noisless I think they sound great, then the fact that they are dead quiet makes them a no brainer, thanks so much!"

- Jim Harper, guitar player

"I guess you must have heard this already many times but just to add to the chorus...I have played many different pickups, some good, some not so good, but this is the first time my ears have really enjoyed the baseline sound of pickups just for the pure enjoyment of the sound itself, without any pedals or enhancements between the amp and guitar. I have used positions 2,3,4 sparingly in the past but the Zexcoils now allow me the full, proper and balanced use of all pickups and all positions."

- Graham Farinha, guitar player

"I just wanted to tell have never been so pleased by a set of pups in my life. I have been through dozens, and I have never been so immediately pleased as I am now. They sound amazing clean but they love the dirt too. I just can not stop playing my guitar. I plan on posting some vids playing some Gilmour stuff, both clean and with a muff to show how versatile and musical they are. I'm running a SV5O in the neck, SV5 in the middle and a convertible (with your recommendation) in the bridge. I just wanted to thank you, not only for the service, but would could be the last time I unscrew my pick guard from my favorite strat."

- Sam F., guitar player

"Hi Scott. Thought you'd like to hear what a cool country tone I got running a neck Bridge blend in Silent Split mode. Feel free to link to your site if you like. Still working on my instrumental album.....more to come."

- Doug Sharrott, guitar player

"Hi, I have the capsule in my hands and already installed, the sound is amazing, the sound quality is far superior to other capsules in all aspects of power and tone, I'm showing all my friends here in Chile, and capsule will be my standard, for testing my custom tube equipment."

Hector Farias, guitar player

"I got the pickups installed and I dearly LOVE them! I love their tone, their look, and lack of hum … everything about them. They replaced a set of Klein 1957 Epic Series pickups, which are certainly great pickups. These Zexcoils have that same inherent great vintage tone, but somehow it’s more “alive” and “clearer” … the Zexcoils sound even better. And zero hum! I am a VERY happy camper indeed!"

- Jim Kubitza, guitar player

"... I absolutely love how my Strat sounds. I had an HSS setup (Fender Deluxe Power Strat), and went with your Juicky Bucker with Silent Slit stacked humbucker in the bridge and two Vintage singles. I have the guitar wired so that I can use the bridge pickup and add in the neck pickup, so in addition to fantastic noise free Strat tones, I now have convincing Telecaster “twang” as well. And the guitar is right at home with the Les Paul crowd when it’s rock time due to the strength of the Juicy Bucker alone. The guitar is a blast to play, and surprises everyone with the complete range of sounds I can get, and how clean every one of them is, at least as far as any hum would be concerned. I also want to comment on your responsiveness both before and after I purchased the pickups. Many folks are great before you buy and then are impossible to reach afterward. I was really impressed with how willing you were to work with my guitar tech to help get our somewhat complicated arrangement to work, with splitting the humbucker and being able to add in the neck pickup. You can’t put a value on that kind of support. So, thanks very much for helping me turn a fairly ordinary Strat into an unbelievably versatile and fantastic sounding instrument. "

- Michael B. Appollo, guitar player

"Wow these are the best most musical Strat pickups I have ever tried! Great string to string balance and tone. Will be ordering another set soon for one of my other Strats. Great design! "

- Charles Kersey, guitar player

"I just installed my p/u's and they sound great. Much better string balance (which is what I was after). No more booming g-string while the high e fades. Everything about them is great--tone is great, all p/u positions sound great. TBX control works as it should, and the mid-boost is strong and clean. Thanks, I'm very pleased."

- Chuck Goettsche, guitar player