Fat T Tele-Style Set


Fat T Tele-Style Set

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* Our T-style sets consist of a Tele-sized bridge pickup with a Strat-sized neck pickup.

In This Set

  • Bridge: Fat T (TFM)
  • Neck:    Choose:
    • Legacy Series Vintage Single 2 (SV2)
    • Legacy Series Vintage Single 5 (SV5)
    • Z-Series 2 Overwound (ZOW2)
    • Z-Core 5 Modern (ZMD5)

Pair our Fat T in the bridge with either a Legacy Series SV2 or Z-Series ZOW2 (for a little rounder tone, reminiscent of a nice covered Tele neck pickup)  or a Legacy Series SV5 or Z-Core ZMD5 for a more open response. Let us know if you want to substitute another pickup for the neck.

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