Controls Kit #6


Controls Kit #6

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Standard Wiring with 250k load

This controls kit consists of 3 250k audio taper potentiometers and enables standard Strat wiring with a master volume knob and two tone knobs. With most Zexcoil pickups, we recommend 500k potentiometers to minimize loading, but for our lower wind Underwound Series, the higher loading of 250k potentiometers may be desired. Tone knobs may be allocated a number of ways, but we recommend wiring the middle tone knob to the neck pickup and the 2nd tone knob to the bridge. As an option, substitute an audio taper no load pot for the middle tone and wire it to the neck and middle. This allows for minimal loading of the neck and middle pickups, and especially the “in between” 2 & 4 positions.


  • Kit #6: (3) CTS 250k audio taper pots
  • Kit #6A: (2) CTS 250k audio taper pots, (1) 250k no load tone pot


Recommended for: Underwound Sets