Convertible™ Set for J Bass®


Convertible™ Set for J Bass®

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For clear powerful punch.

Controls Kit:
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In This Set

  • Bridge: Convertible for J Bass Bridge (JC84)
  • Neck: Convertible for J Bass Neck (JC64)

Recommended Kit

  • Kit #9: (2) 500k Push/Pull pots (not CTS), (1) 250k no load tone pot

The Convertible Set for J Bass is one of our versatile “jack of all trades” sets designed to do it all. With the Convertible Set you get great single-coil tones in Silent Split mode, and a powerful AlNiCo on steroids tone in series mode. Choose the Convertible Set if versatility is important to you and if great single coil tones are your first priority.