The Z-Series pickups represent the evolution of the Zexcoil design aesthetic. We took our original Legacy design and made it as efficient as possible so that we could bring you the same great tone at a more attractive and sustainable price point. With their subtle but distinctive Z covers, they have a unique and attractive look that is unmistakably Zexcoil®.

Our Z-Core™ Pickups are the most economical pickups we can make, while retaining all of the quality and features of our Z-Series™ design! The only difference is they are built for us in our U.S. partner factory, the same factory where our unique coils have always been wound. We leverage economies of scale in the factory that we can’t do in the Custom Shop to bring you the best pickups at the best price possible. As models become more popular we plan to migrate as many as possible to the Z-Core line.

Don’t be distracted by the low price, these Z-Core models are just as good as anything we’ve ever offered, in some ways better. In particular, the Z-Core 5 includes the most “vintage correct” pickups we make. If you want great, authentic single coil tone with no noise, you’re on the right track. It’s not too good to be true, it’s Zexcoil!


The classic AlNiCo 5 tone at a range of output levels

Pre-configured sets in a range of output level and balance options